7 Picturesque Locations To Take Selfies On A Visit To The USA

Taking the plunge to cross the ocean and visit another country is something you should consider in your life. With everyone spending a lot of time on social media, the US offers some of the most picturesque locations to take a selfie. The 3rd largest country in the world, there are various attractions to make you include a visit to the USA on your bucket list. Here are 7 locations from where to take amazing selfies to share on your social media and get those likes and comments.

Nature parks

Have you ever slept in a national park? Perhaps you’ve been sleeping indoors all your life. the American landscape has various national parks like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Grizzly Bears. Additionally, you can’t miss the imposing Grand Canyon in Colorado. On a visit to one of these natural creations, you can just get your car off the road and take a nap. To pass time, you can take time to take some selfies to share on Facebook or Instagram.

Route 66

This is a wonderful option for those who prefer leaving everything behind and hitting the road with some essential items. Taking a road trip to Route 66 offers immense opportunities to take some amazing selfies. Along this world-famous road are mythical restaurants, motels, and cafes in the middle of nowhere from where you can capture amazing moments to share on social media. Route 66 begins in Chicago with a chance to go all the way to Los Angeles in a rented Mustang or Cadillac.

Las Vegas

A visit to the “City of Sin” is worth it on a trip to the US. The eccentricity of the city contributes to its uniqueness. Visiting Las Vegas comes with a chance to feel the glamor of staying in a fabulous casino hotel. Having an international SIM card for USA in your phone will allow you to capture amazing selfies in the Venetian to share on social media without worry about roaming data charges. The Venetian has a St. Mark’s Square replica inside with canals with gondolas making it a wonderful spot to take selfies. You can as well try your luck on the roulette or slot machines using a few tokens.

Golden Gate bridge

Are you planning to visit San Francisco on your visit to the US? Well, you’ll fall in love with the city for being different from other cities in the country. The panoramic views at the glorious Golden Gate bridge are ideal for amazing selfies. Other memorable experiences not to miss in this city include:

  • Checking out Lombard Street
  • A memorable tour of Alcatraz jail
  • Visiting China Town riding cable cars


Have you always been fascinated by celebrities? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to step on the Walk of Fame at the Hollywood Boulevard. Well, a visit to Hollywood offers an opportunity to check out other interesting features such as the Dolby Theatre, the palm trees, and the famous Hollywood sign watching over the city. You’ll have an opportunity to place your hands or feet on top of your favorite star at the Walk of Fame and take some selfies. This will make your followers marvel at how you managed to get your 15 minutes of fame.

Theme park

Consider taking some years off by visiting the amazing theme parks in the USA. You can visit the Disneyland complex in Anaheim with 4 theme parks and 2 water parks. This visit comes with an opportunity to take selfies while standing near your favorite Disney character. Alternatively, a visit to Universal Studios theme parks in California or Orlando is also breathtaking. This comes with visiting sets of your favorite films and series.

White House

You can’t mention the USA without including the famous White House in Washington. This iconic building is the capital of the country and is filled with various key episodes in the country’s history. You can tour the White House, visit the Capitol, admire the Washington Monument, with a chance to enter the Lincoln Memorial. This experience offers various opportunities to take various selfies including over the fence, under the fence, or the freakishly long arm selfie.

Bottom line

A tour of the USA should rank high on the top destinations to visit. Above wonderful locations from where you can capture impressive selfies on your trip. Luckily, you can easily snap away while sharing them on social media with an international roam-free SIM in your phone.

8 Reasons Why A Smartphone Is A Traveler’s Best Friend

Travel whether for pleasure or business is a wonderful experience. apart from discovering new locations, you’ll have time to capture some memorable events and share them on social media. Using social media is a great idea to share interesting beautiful videos and images. The smartphone is convenient to travel with to make going through airport security easier. Here are more 8 reasons why a smartphone is a traveler’s best friend.

Access to information
Finding things during your journey is easier on a smartphone. You can find the information you need seamlessly on your phone. It’s possible to Google whatever you’re searching for easily and quickly on the phone as long as you can access internet. Regardless of whether you’re searching for attractions to visit or getting your way around the street, your smartphone will come in handy on your trip abroad.

Navigation becomes easier
It’s not easy going getting your way in a new city. Perhaps you’re trying to locate the nearest restaurant or a shopping mall. Your phone will come in handy instead of stopping people on the street to ask for directions. Additionally, the smartphone with appropriate navigation apps will save you from buying a separate GPS device. Your smartphone location service can automatically pick up the location by just indicating your destination. The phone will show you the direction to whoever you might be interested to go. This will save you from getting lost and wasting a lot of time and effort.

Access to social media
Life today depends largely on social media. A smartphone connected to internet allows access to social media to all chatting with family, friends, and colleagues. Additionally, you’ll always know whatever is going on by catching all the trending news on social media. To avoid roaming fees, it’s highly recommended to invest in an International SIM card UK (https://www.xxsim.com/about-internation-sim-card) before you board the plan. This card comes with cheap call minutes, data, and text messages to allow you to make the most of your phone abroad.

Knowledge of news and weather
Traveling abroad doesn’t mean that you stay out of touch with the world. It’s important to keep abreast with news across the world and the weather forecast. Luckily, traveling with a smartphone allows downloading all your favorite news and to make you stay updated. You have a range of apps such as Yahoo!, Fox News, or ESPN to have current news readily available. Equally important is the need to have current knowledge of the weather forecast.

Utilities to make life easier
Smartphones allow making use of handy utilities such as compass, flashlight, and torch. A flashlight on the phone camera comes in handy during emergencies or when searching for something. Using your phone saves time and energy. Additionally, the calculator is helpful when you have to do a quick calculation of costs. Other handy utilities you can use on your smartphone include:

  • Alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Cooking timer

Unmatched entertainment
Sometimes, travel can get boring such as when on a flight on a train. Luckily, you can just pull out your phone and keep yourself entertained. Backed with your international SIM with cheap internet, you can download songs or movies on your phone. Alternatively, you can download books or magazines on your phone for reading anytime you feel like. For game lovers, there’re various games to play on your phone to keep you entertained.

Setting reminders
Another wonderful feature in your phone for pleasant travel is reminders. You can set your phone to remind you about things you’re supposed to do. Luckily, you can set the reminder with a particular date and time when to handle the task. These reminders are very helpful to ensure that you don’t forget anything important during your trip.

Taking notes
The smartphone doesn’t only eliminate the need to move with a bulky DSLR camera, it also eliminates the need to carry a notebook wherever you go. You can jot down whatever you want using the note app on your phone instead of a smartphone. Regardless of whether you want to make your to-do list of a list of attractions to visit, your phone will always come in handy.

Final thought
There’s so much you can do with a smartphone when traveling. To make using the phone easier, ensure to invest in an international SIM. This allows making calls and internet accessibility cheaply without worrying about exorbitant roaming fees.

How to Get A SIM card that Meets all Your Needs?

Technological advances in the communication field are always evolving and with a communication gadget on your hand, the other thing which you need is a SIM card. It is a chip used in modems and mobile phones. The word SIM can be used to describe the way in which you subscribe to services and you can easily change your subscriptions by changing your card. Getting the best international SIM card can be one of the greatest ways through which you can improve communication when you are outside your country. Here are the things you need to know when getting a SIM card.

Global SIM Card Data

There are many types of SIM cards in the market and one of them is the global SIM card data. The device will allow you to be connected to the internet in any place which you are. Using the global SIM card is so easy since the only thing which you need to do is using the chip in the mobile phone and activating it.

If you are traveling to a certain country, it is always good to carry out your own research on the best SIM card to use in that country. Different countries have different cards which will work well in their country but fail to work in another country.

How to Use the SIM Card?

The SIM card can be used in different ways. You can put the chip on the tablet, phone or even your personal computer. It will depend on the way in which you want to use the chip. If you need to use it for data services only, you can put it in your tablet. If you need to use it in making calls, you will have to use pre-paid services and insert it on your phone.

There are some devices which are locked and you need to know the SIM cards which will work with your mobile device. Alternatively, you can consult your mobile operator so that they will fix your phone.

What About Your Mobile Phone Number?

When you are using a global SIM card, you will get a new phone number to use. It can be somehow challenging if you need to use your current phone number for work reasons.

If you have a mobile which can carry dual SIMs, then that would be fine. You can put two lines on the same phone and you will be using them any time when you need to use. It will help avoid any inconveniences.

Roaming and Unlimited Data

Roaming happens when you leave your communication on the hands of a local phone company. The company will have to contact the other phone companies where you are traveling so that they will make you connected. It is a bit expensive.

On the other hand, you can carry out research and find a SIM card in the country which you are traveling which meets all your needs. Their services will include unlimited internet services.

With the above-mentioned tips, you will get the best international SIM card which will meet all your travel needs.

International Roaming and Why You Deserve Better

Regardless of which country you visit, the costs of international roaming are simply unmanageable. Finding a roaming free SIM is the lasting solution to getting away out of this unpleasant scenario.

If you are planning to travel abroad and are the kind who conducts the right due diligence, then all the horror stories of international roaming are something you have encountered. For those who have made regular trips to different countries, this is a situation they have had to adjust to and look for unpleasant alternatives. The truth is traveling is never cheap and after all the sacrifices, budgeting, and planning everyone deserves better when it comes to connecting with family, friends, and business partners or contacts.

At a time when the world is described as a global village, it remains absurd when you get to the enormous costs of international roaming. For those wondering how high international roaming is, the simplest answer would be that there are clients who have returned home from a trip abroad only to found bills amounting to thousands of dollars. If you are wondering about the duration, it only takes a few days for the costs to be that high and not a couple of months. If you are the kind who always stays online, it doesn’t get any cheaper with market research proving it is cheaper to send data to space that in it is to data roam in a foreign country.

In the midst of the dark tunnel propelled by the inconveniences and frustrations that arise from the lack of maintaining contact with loved ones, there is a bright ray of hope. Dedicated teams of professionals have dedicated their skills and efforts to making trips a time for happiness, sharing, and non-stop connections. The solutions come in the form of roaming free SIM which is specially designed with international travelers in mind.

Different from standard international SIM cards which you have to invest in every time you go to a different country, roaming free SIMs are all-inclusive. This primarily means you have a single SIM which can be used globally and you never have to worry about having several SIM cards for use in every country. The flexibility and convenience of having a solution provider that entirely eliminates the burden of international roaming is one that cannot be substituted for any other option. It is in all evaluations the ultimate wish come true for an individual who is ever on the skies going from one country or continent to the other.

The deal gets better for individuals who want to avoid using a dual SIM phone as roaming SIM cards allow for call forwarding of all calls. This makes it simpler to centralize all contacts and have a reliable option that ensures one is ever online regardless of their current locations. Roaming free SIM options are also not limited to making of calls as the vital necessity of being online is equally considered. Data packages are part of the offer for all travelers as holiday time, or business trips are never complete without having access to the internet for all those important connections and emails.

Little Known Facts About International Sim Card

Many people are not sure of what they need to do when they travel abroad to another country. Even though some people travel frequently, they too are not aware of the things that they need to consider to save up some money.

It is true especially when it comes to people making phone calls to their home country from another country. If people use the local sim card from their home country, they are going to get a hefty bill. Most often the bill amount surpasses their trip cost. You need to be very careful and smart if you want to enjoy the trip, connect with your family and friends and save some money. Read More

4 Things You Should Seriously Consider When Choosing An International Sim Card

Traveling can be a lot more fun when you plan everything well in advance. It is essential or necessary for you to have an itinerary in place showing you what exactly you are going to do each day. The hotels that you are going to stay and the food that you are going to eat and the places that you are planning to visit should be on it.

But, these are not the only things that should be of your priority. You should select clothes and accessories that you plan to wear each day for the events you are planning to attend or participate. Apart from that, if you are planning to travel to multiple countries during your visit, how many sim cards are you planning to purchase in each of these countries. Read More