Questions about the product (before purchase)

  • Will XXSIM work with a SIMlocked phone?

    No. Please call you network operator, and ask him to provide the unlock code. As soon as the phone is unlocked, your XXSIM will be accepted.

  • Can I keep my current phone number on XXSIM?

    No, you get a new number with the XXSIM card.

  • Am I able to add a fixed number on my XXSIM?

    For some countries, you now have the possibility to add a national number to your XXSIM (My account > Buy a national number). This means that your XXSIM can be reached by its regular number 00372… and by the national number. An XXSIM can have one national number only. As soon as a national number has been added, the national number will be shown for outgoing calls. The calls to the national numbers are invoiced by your operator (most of the numbers are landlines). When receiving a call through a national number, EUR0.15/min will be charged from the XXSIM balance

  • What country code is 0037?

    00372 is the country code of Estonia. It’s a small country with only 1.3 million inhabitants but a member of the European Union and one of the most wired and high-tech provided societies in the world! Mobile phone payments for parking fees have been commonplace for ten years. Skype was even invented by Estonian developers. Over 95% of the population uses internet banking, medicine prescriptions are completed electronically and voting is done over the web using a unique digital ID card system, which allows even legal documents to be signed using mobile phone based ID.

  • Can I synchronize my emails with XXSIM?

    Of course you can. And at a fraction of the cost, eg. in all European countries, you’ll pay EUR0.5/MB.

  • You can surf the Internet with XXSIM?

    Yes, you can surf the Internet with XXSIM. Look on the XXSIM website where you will find a current price list.

  • Is it possible to know the position of a XXSIM?

    The SIM-card position function in My Account lets you locate your XXSIM on Google Maps up to 100 times a calendar month (100 times during the month. It is possible to activate the feature several times during the same month). This feature costs EUR1/Month.

  • How can people reach me on my XXSIM?

    There are different ways to be reached on your XXSIM: Call divert: You can divert your office or mobile phone#. In that case, you'll pay the communication from your office or mobile to your XXSIM (EU mobile destination). If you have a flat rate to all EU numbers, it will cost you nothing. You will not pay for received calls if you are in a country that provides free received calls. Voice mailbox: You can use a recorded message on your office or mobile phone# to provide your XXSIM number. The caller will pay the call to an EU mobile destination. You will not pay for received calls if you are in a country that provides free received calls. Toll free number: The caller can dial a toll free number if available in his country (see user manual), and compose your XXSIM phone# to call you for free. In that case, you will be charged with the ammount of EUR0.15/min only, even if you are in a country that provides free received calls.

  • How will a call be charged if a user is calling my number directly +37254XXXXX?

    The call of a 00372 number will be charged by the provider of the person who calls. The prices start from 0€ with a flatrate, otherwise the rates are approx. 0.11€ up to 0.35€ if the call was made through a landline. We recommend to tell the caller that toll free green numbers are available in 17 countries. If a call is placed using a toll free number, the caller will be asked to type in the no +372XXXXX, follow by the # button. It is possible to automate the toll free calls by storing it in the contacts of your mobile phone. An example of a phone book entry could be the number 003725460100: 0800xxxxxx, 0037254601000. With some mobile phones the comma will be replaced by "w".

  • How will an incoming call be factured to the XXSIM user?

    In 124 countries incoming calls for 00372 numbers are always free of charge. It does not matter where the caller currently is located.

  • How can I check the rest of my cell balance?

    Several variants are possible depending on the model of your phone: Dial 099; push the "call" key. Choose "check balance" from the XXSIM menu. Dial *146*099#.

  • Is XXSIM designed for companies?

    Yes, of course, XXSIM is the best roaming SIM card for business use. Companies will not have to use our website to buy and activate XXSIM in quantity. Please send your request by email:, we'll contact you asap.