sim card

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The XXSIM now comes in a 3-in-1 format that fits any phone on the market (SIM, microSIM and nanoSIM. Just insert the international roaming SIM card and follow a few simple instructions to get connected immediately.

  • No monthly charges
  • Outgoing calls approximately 85% cheaper
  • 6 ways to call XXSIM for free (toll free numbers, skype, viber, SIP trunk)
  • XXSIM card positioning on Google Maps®
  • Calls from XXSIM to XXSIM in a European country to a mobile# or landline# in a European country will be invoiced €0.19/Min only
  • Free delivery worldwide
  • Free call forwarding to any number, including mobile, to avoid usage of a dual SIM phone
  • GPRS/3G from €0.19/MB or packages with no minimal charge in most countries
  • Send unlimited free SMS from the website to any XXSIM
  • XXSIM to XXSIM calls for €0.19/min only. No matter where the called XXSIM is located
  • Auto reload available for large accounts or public sector
  • No charges for incoming calls in the USA and Canada.

Free Call Forwarding!

The XXSIM can be used to forward calls to your main phone number at no cost so that you can benefit from free incoming calls without having to deal with multiple SIMs.


Free Delivery Worldwide!

Your XXSIM will be delivered to your doorstep regardless of your location at no additional cost.


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Free delivery worldwide!

Corporate Account

Customized offers for Companies, Organizations, Governments!

In some selected countries, you have the possibility to add a national landline number to your XXSIM. Like this you will not only be reachable on your 00372... number but also on your national landline number (e.g. 0041)... which will be on display when placing outgoing calls. If your receive a call on your national landline number, your XXSIM account will be charged with €0.15/min.


call rates

The best rates in over 190 countries

Price Per Minute €0.35
Incoming Calls
  • Germany €0.00
  • SMS Rates €0.19
  • SMS Through XXSIM €0.06
  • MENU or USSD
  • GPRS (1MB) €0.19
  • XXSIM to XXSIM €0.19
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