1. How to validate your account?

By ordering, you filled up a registration form.

Then you received an activation link by email to activate your account. If you did not click on the link, please do it now.

If you don't find this activation email, please check your spam folder.

If you really don't find it, please contact us at [email protected]

2. How to add my XXSIM?

Your XXSIM must be linked to your account. To add your XXSIM card to your acccount, please log in onto xxsim.com with your email address and password.

Then clickon "My Account", then "Add SIM". Enter your XXSIM phone# 00372xxxxxxx and click on "Add an XXSIM".

3. How to activate my XXSIM?

Once you added your XXSIM to your account, insert it in your mobile phone and switch it on (your mobile phone must not be SIMlocked by your network operator).
You'll receiev a 4 digit code by SMS on your XXSIM.

Please enter this code into the field on the website (see 2.) and click "Save".

Your XXSIM is now linked to your account.

Phone calls with XXSIM

To place a phone call, the process is very easy. XXSIM is based on a callback system, it means that you'll be called back when you place an outgoing call.

1. Please dial the number with international format i.eg. 003313245678 or +3312345678, or select a number in your phone's memory (must be stored with internation format).

2. You immediately receive a message that indicates that you'll be called back.

3. After a couple of seconds, you'll be called back.

4. Answer the call, you'll hear the ringtone, the destination number has been called.

On some older mobile phones it is possible that the callback function will not work. If that is the case, do the following:

1. Dial *146* before the number you wish to dial and then press the call button. Eg. *146*003312345678(dial button).

2. You will immediately receive a message telling you that you will be called back.

3. After 4 seconds your phone will ring.

4.Pick up the phone and your communication is established.

If you have a problem with your smartphone.

For Samsung, BlackBerry and iPhone users, or other users that encounter problems while making direct calls: You have to activate the call function CC Option X.

Open the section XXSIM in you phone menu > Select Settings > Validate > Dial 1101 > Validate > Validate. To deactivate this function do the same as above: Only replace 1102 with 1101.

If you encouter problems in the USA, please apply the same process, but with service code 210 101 to activate US mode and service code 210 100 to deactivate it.

How to send and receive SMS with XXSIM?


It's not necessary to configure your mobile, the SMS center (+3725099000) will be send by the network.

How to manage your XXSIM?

How to check
your balance?

To check the balance, please dial *146*099# and press the "Send" key. The balance will appear on the display.

How to reload
your XXSIM?

To check the balance, please dial *146*099# and press the "Send" key. The balance will appear on the display.

Add credit
by PIN code

To check the balance, please dial *146*099# and press the "Send" key. The balance will appear on the display.

XXSIM Menu and additional features

An application menu XXSIM is available in your phone, and includes the following features:

Call - sends a call (if your phone is not compatible with direct calls)

Send SMS - To send an SMS in Europe at EUR0.11 in Europe

Voicemail - Calls the voicemail, if active

Check balance - shows the actual balance

Add credit - see info about PIN codes

Customer care - Calls the support

Extras - this feature is not active

Settings - special features (only on technical support's request)

USSD commands:

*146*number with international prefix#
Call, i. eg.: *146*003312345678#

Check balance and display XXSIM phone#

*146*091# (default)
Activate voice mailbox

Deactivate voice mailbox

Quick Check voice mailbox

Voice mailbox menu

*146*081*number with international prefix#
Permanent call divert, i. eg.: *146*081*0041900444445#

Deactivate call divert

*146*301# (default if no national DID has been activated)
Set Caller ID (CLI) = Base number 00372…

*146*302# (default if a national DID has been activated)
Set Caller ID (CLI) = First national number selected

*146*311# (default)
Activate caller ID (CLI)

*146*310# Deactivate caller ID (CLI), some network operators will ignore this selection and always display the CLI

Check caller ID (CLI) status

Activate/deactivate SMS warning at 80% GPRS limit

Set new GPRS limit value

*146*711# (default)
Activate calls from Skype

Deactivate calls from Skype

Check "calls from Skype" status

*146*781# (default)
Activate calls from Webcall

Deactivate calls from Webcall

Check "calls from Webcall" status

*146*097XYnnnnnnnnnnnn*SMStext# (only if your phone allows you to type text)
Send SMS by USSD from all countries at EU rate. X=Number of this part of the message, Y=Number of parts, nnnnnnnnnnnnn=phone# beginning by 00

Activate Data package 10MB for EUR1.5 in max 24 hours

Deactivate Data package 10MB for EUR1.5 in max 24 hours

Check status for "Data package 10MB for EUR1.5 in max 24 hours"

Available in following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Saint-Barthelemy, Sweden and United Kingdom.

The package can be reactivated after 24 hours, or as soon as the 10MB have been used.

Your XXSIM can be called for free

Your XXSIM can be called for free
From selected counties, it possible to call an XXSIM for free by calling a toll free number.*

Your XXSIM can be called for free
From selected counties, it possible to call an XXSIM for free by calling a toll free number.*
A caller located in the USA can call an XXSIM located in the UAE for free by calling the toll freee number in the USA. The call ist free for the caller.

Here the list of toll free numbers by country. You can give these to your family,
friends and other contacts to allow them to call you for free.

Australia : 1800424087 or 1800426571

Austria : 0800295331

Brazil : 08000385084

Canada : 18889354312

Cyprus : 80096439

France : 0800910659

Germany : 08001824205

Greece : 0080016122057807

Hong Kong : 800967359

Israel : 1809246071

Mexico City : 525547772326

New Zealand : 0800449302

Russia : 81080028741012

Spain : 900967051

Switzerland : 0800802452

United Arab Emirates : coming soon

USA : 18889354312