How does it work to fly so high ?

  • No roaming charges for incoming calls in approximately 150 countries
  • Outgoing calls approximately 85% cheaper
  • 6 ways to call XXSIM for free
  • XXSIM to XXSIM calls for €0.19/min only. No matter where the called XXSIM is located
  • Free call forwarding to any number (including mobile) to avoid usage of a dual SIM phone
  • Autoreload function
  • Free delivery worldwide

Cut down on your
company’s telecom costs

With XXSIM your team enjoys free incoming calls as well as the best rates on outgoing calls regardless of where they are in the world. You can lower your overhead and implement features such as XXSIM’s free SMS option to make roaming a non-issue.

How can XXSIM make
managing reloads easier?

XXSIM comes with an auto reload function that not only ensures your people stay connected at all times, but also lets you monitor how much credit everyone uses and lets you identify any outliers. This feature eliminates the headache of keeping everyone topped-up and instead allocates your budget automatically based on a one-time setup procedure.

Call more
and pay less!

Thanks to the callback system, the rates of incoming and outgoing calls are reduced to a minimum. And this automatic! You just have to dial the number you need and you will be connected within seconds. You can forget the high calling rates from now on, whether you are on vacation or travelling otherwise.

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