How does it work to fly so high ?

  • No monthly charges
  • No roaming charges for incoming calls in approximately 150 countries
  • GPRS/3G from €0.19/MB or packages, no minimal charge in most countries
  • XXSIM card positioning on Google Maps®
  • Calls from XXSIM to XXSIM in a European country to a mobile# or landline# in a European country €0.19/Min only
  • Free call forwarding to any number (including mobile) to avoid usage of a dual SIM phone
  • No charges for incoming calls in the USA and Canada.
  • Free delivery worldwide

Switch to XXSIM and enjoy free incoming calls worldwide

When crossing the border, replace your SIM card with an XXSIM and begin enjoying lower rates worldwide.

New SIM card means a new number. The base numbers of your XXSIM begins with 00372 the prefixes of Estonia and the UK. Thanks to that, you can enjoy much better rates and free incoming calls in over 150 countries with the same quality. Moreover, XXSIM is constantly negotiating with local operators to get the lowest rates.

What if I want to browse the internet and stay connected to social media?

We have you covered with 3G/GPRS starting at €0.19/MB and with a variety of packages that get you even more data. This way you can keep up with your friends and share with them all along your journey without worrying about an astronomical phone bill when you get back home.

And if I want a
national landline number?

For some selected countries, you have the possibility to add a national landline number to your XXSIM. Like this you will not only be reachable on your 00372… number but also on your national landline number ( 0041)… which can even be on display when placing outgoing calls. If you receive a call on your national landline number, your XXSIM account will be charged with €0.15/min.

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