How to travel on a budget? A Beginner’s Guide!

Traveling is a rewarding and enriching experience and it shouldn’t be stressful and definitely not difficult. If you’re thinking of traveling soon, we’ve summed up 10 Tips from Travel Experts that can help you start your voyage!

  1. Plan ahead and plan again! For first timers it is best to plan your itinerary and if you don’t feel comfortable traveling solo you can join a group for a trip.
  2. Do your research. Nothing will prepare you more on what to expect and save you from committing a social faux pas if you do your research on your next destination. Moreover, you might just uncover hidden gems and places to avoid.
  3. Pack light. Believe us, nothing’s more burdensome than having to pack your whole wardrobe (I know, who does that right!? We’re guilty). Packing only the essentials and versatile pieces will make your life easier.
  4. Get your first aid kit ready (especially if you’re doing something extreme!)
  5. Keep extra cash. Surprisingly, in some places ATM machines are a rare sight. Keeping extra money on the side as your emergency fund will not only ensure that you have a backup when it comes to worst but will ease your mind and give you more time to relax.
  6. Get a local SIM or Buy a Roaming SIM. In some countries, getting a local SIM can be a hassle (big time). Ordering one in advance and prior to your trip will make your life easier. In that way, you can keep your friends and loved ones informed. Imagine your mom turning into a momzilla because you can’t be reached. Of course this rarely happens but it’s better to be safe!
  7. Learn to speak the local language or at least have some basic knowledge. Who knows it might save you money on local markets.
  8. Be vigilant but do not let your vigilance keep you from enjoying.
  9. Download apps you can sue offline like Maps! Who knows when they might come handy.
  10. Familiarize yourself with the local transportation system.

Whether it’s your first time to travel or if you’ve always been a frequent traveler, it’s always nice to keep yourself updated with travel trends. So where are you heading next?