7 Picturesque Locations To Take Selfies On A Visit To The USA

Taking the plunge to cross the ocean and visit another country is something you should consider in your life. With everyone spending a lot of time on social media, the US offers some of the most picturesque locations to take a selfie. The 3rd largest country in the world, there are various attractions to make you include a visit to the USA on your bucket list. Here are 7 locations from where to take amazing selfies to share on your social media and get those likes and comments.

Nature parks

Have you ever slept in a national park? Perhaps you’ve been sleeping indoors all your life. the American landscape has various national parks like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Grizzly Bears. Additionally, you can’t miss the imposing Grand Canyon in Colorado. On a visit to one of these natural creations, you can just get your car off the road and take a nap. To pass time, you can take time to take some selfies to share on Facebook or Instagram.

Route 66

This is a wonderful option for those who prefer leaving everything behind and hitting the road with some essential items. Taking a road trip to Route 66 offers immense opportunities to take some amazing selfies. Along this world-famous road are mythical restaurants, motels, and cafes in the middle of nowhere from where you can capture amazing moments to share on social media. Route 66 begins in Chicago with a chance to go all the way to Los Angeles in a rented Mustang or Cadillac.

Las Vegas

A visit to the “City of Sin” is worth it on a trip to the US. The eccentricity of the city contributes to its uniqueness. Visiting Las Vegas comes with a chance to feel the glamor of staying in a fabulous casino hotel. Having an international SIM card for USA in your phone will allow you to capture amazing selfies in the Venetian to share on social media without worry about roaming data charges. The Venetian has a St. Mark’s Square replica inside with canals with gondolas making it a wonderful spot to take selfies. You can as well try your luck on the roulette or slot machines using a few tokens.

Golden Gate bridge

Are you planning to visit San Francisco on your visit to the US? Well, you’ll fall in love with the city for being different from other cities in the country. The panoramic views at the glorious Golden Gate bridge are ideal for amazing selfies. Other memorable experiences not to miss in this city include:

  • Checking out Lombard Street
  • A memorable tour of Alcatraz jail
  • Visiting China Town riding cable cars


Have you always been fascinated by celebrities? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to step on the Walk of Fame at the Hollywood Boulevard. Well, a visit to Hollywood offers an opportunity to check out other interesting features such as the Dolby Theatre, the palm trees, and the famous Hollywood sign watching over the city. You’ll have an opportunity to place your hands or feet on top of your favorite star at the Walk of Fame and take some selfies. This will make your followers marvel at how you managed to get your 15 minutes of fame.

Theme park

Consider taking some years off by visiting the amazing theme parks in the USA. You can visit the Disneyland complex in Anaheim with 4 theme parks and 2 water parks. This visit comes with an opportunity to take selfies while standing near your favorite Disney character. Alternatively, a visit to Universal Studios theme parks in California or Orlando is also breathtaking. This comes with visiting sets of your favorite films and series.

White House

You can’t mention the USA without including the famous White House in Washington. This iconic building is the capital of the country and is filled with various key episodes in the country’s history. You can tour the White House, visit the Capitol, admire the Washington Monument, with a chance to enter the Lincoln Memorial. This experience offers various opportunities to take various selfies including over the fence, under the fence, or the freakishly long arm selfie.

Bottom line

A tour of the USA should rank high on the top destinations to visit. Above wonderful locations from where you can capture impressive selfies on your trip. Luckily, you can easily snap away while sharing them on social media with an international roam-free SIM in your phone.