How to avoid bill shock on data roaming charges?

Avoid Roaming Charges

What is mobile roaming?

Mobile roaming happens when you use your mobile phone overseas, and It is no secret that significant “news worthy” costs apply when you do so. Although there have been improvements made to alleviate exorbitant roaming charges, certain limitations still apply.

Planning to roam in EU?

In 2017, “Roam like at home” has been implemented in 28 EU countries which means that you can use your mobile phone while traveling outside your home country without having to pay extra roaming charges.

You would be charged the same cost abroad as to when you use your mobile back home. But wait!

Roam like at home are meant for people who only occasionally travel outside their home country and is not meant for people who spend a significant amount of time overseas. However, some travelers shared their disappointing experience about being charged despite staying at an EU country for a short period.

Fair use policy

Here’s the catch if you use your mobile services abroad more often than at home:

Your operator’s obliged to monitor your data usage to ensure fair use within 4 months. If you spend more time abroad than at home and your roaming usage exceeds that of your domestic usage limit, you will be asked to clarify this situation within 14 days. If you fail to do so, your operator may start applying a surcharge excluding VAT on your roaming consumptions.

Here are some tips on how you can avoid (if not lessen your) data roaming consumption:

  1. Use lite versions of your most frequently used Mobile Apps. If you’re fond of using mobile apps such as Facebook, you can use its lite version which consumes less data. The good news is, most apps now come lite!
  2. Make sure your that your phone only updates when connected to a Wi-fi connection. Let’s admit that sometimes we’re too lazy to check our phone settings (Guilty!) and we’ve learned the hard way that mobile updates eat a LOT of data!
  3. If you do not intend to use mobile roaming services abroad, make sure to switch off your data roaming services.
  4. Make use of offline apps. Need a map? Need a guide? We’re glad to inform you that our favorite apps have offline alternatives.
  5. Use wi-fi! Most places nowadays have free wi-fi connections but if you happen to stay at a secluded place where wi-fi isn’t an option we highly recommend that you use a roaming SIM Card (*coughs* we have the best rates at XXSIM!)

Want to share your tips and roaming experience with us? Comment below!

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