What is an eSIM? The future of SIM Technology

What is an eSIM?

Sim Form Factor

The old-fashioned SIM card has survived for quite some time but with Apple’s recent product launch, it seems that the classic SIM will (hypothetically) slowly be replaced by an embedded SIM Card or more known as EUICC comes in MFF2 Format. The main motivation for manufacturers in implementing this technology is the ongoing trend of creating slimmer and lighter devices, and having an embedded SIM makes it possible.

How does eSIM work?

Esim Work Process

If we simplify it, eSIM is a rewritable SIM card which is built-in or embedded on a device replacing the traditional SIM.

This tiny chip will let consumers the flexibility of changing network operators without the hassle of having to insert or swap physical SIM cards with the use of a QR code provided by a carrier. Travelers and business travelers alike will benefit greatly from the flexibility of having the ability to have local numbers when abroad. This will not only eliminate roaming charges but also provide users the ability to choose which network and plan they want to subscribe.

To summarize it, eSIM comes with…

  • Total freedom – Switching carriers will be easier with eSIM. You can now choose your carrier of choice whenever without having to swap SIMs. Store multiple profiles in one device.
  • Reprogrammable – Since eSIM is a rewritable SIM,
  • Wearable  technology that can operate independently of a tethered smartphone, with their own subscriptions.

The challenge…

With only 10 countries (so far) supporting eSIM, its future is still unknown. However, with consumers being susceptible to change, Telcos might encounter the pressure from an increase in demand. With that in mind, we’re pretty sure that protectionist measures and/or policies will be imposed to ensure fair usage and the survival of Telecommunications companies. On the positive note, we could be wrong and Telcos might welcome this new technology with open arms.

Will XXSIM adapt to eSIM?

At XXSIM, we are continuously trying to find the best way to develop & implement innovative ways to improve our product and service offering. So Yes, XXSIM is on board with this launch and will be implementing eSIM soon!

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